Yossarian at Heart of Arts

Yossarian opened Hop Farm Festival in 2012 after festival owner Vince Power witnessed their electrifying live performances in London. Their performance alongside My Morning Jacket, British Sea Power and Jose Gonzalez drew critical acclaim for the band’s “sky-scraping epic sound” and “harrowing existential themes”.  Appearances at both Tramlines and the MacMillan Big Mix Festivals in 2012 later gained them a place on Gibson’s Sounds of the Summer EP.

Yossarian are an eclectic mix of influences hailing from England (singer Ash Spencer), Wales (drummer Morgan Griffiths), Germany (bassist Sam Vanderpol) and Argentina (guitarist Joaquin Rodriguez San Pedro). Inspired by Brooklynbased bands such as The National and Grizzly Bear, Yossarian blend post-rock sensibilities with a quixotic sentiment. Lead singer Ash Spencer’s world-weary baritone vocals float over multi-layered guitar harmonies and orchestral arrangements.

After their summer tour and following a chance meeting with crowd-funding expert Slava Rubin, Yossarian raised the money to record their debut album from fans around the world. The success of their crowd-funding campaign in the UK and Europe received recognition with the Indiegogo Top Music Campaign and Indiegogo Top Campaign Video awards. The band’s following in Spain also led to single Arrow Part 1 being featured on TV show Fiebre Maldini (Spanish Match of the Day).

With the £10,000 raised from its crowd-funding campaign, Yossarian teamed up with producer Tom Peters (New Young Pony Club) to record their debut-album, due to be released later this year.